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Effective January 1, 2013 Minimize

The Michigan Dept. of Education will become responsible for determining eligibility for all CDC Unlicensed Providers. This includes:

  • Processing all Child Development and Care (CDC) Unlicensed Provider Applications
  • Completing pre-enrollment interviews wilth all unlicensed provider applicants
  • Handling changes reportedby currently enrolled unlicensed providers.

Applying to be a CDC Unlicensed Provider:

  • You may obtain the Child Development and Care Unlicensed Provider Application at:
  • Send the completed applications with 1.) Proof of age  2.) Indentity  3.) Residence and 4.) Copy of Social Security card to MDE. Applications can be:   Faxed to 1-517-284-7529 or mailed to: Provider Enrollment Unit, P.O. Box 30267, Lansing, MI  48909

There is a $10.00 fee to reserve a seat for the class. You can call and do a debit/credit card payment over the phone, mail a money order/check or come into our main office at 268 E. Kilgore Rd., Suite D, Portage, MI 49002 to make payment in person.

However, pre-registration is required and your name will not be added to the list for attendance until your $10.00 is successfully received and processed by our director of business operations.

You will NOT receive payment for any childcare you do UNTIL you have completed the Great Start to Quality Orientation. Which you can read about below.

Peer Information Exchange - PIE Minimize

A Chance to Connect and Have Fun Learning!

This is a free 4 week class being offered.  Topics are Communication and Boundaries, and Infant Toddler.  Learn useful tools and practices that can change your life as a provider and the children you are caring for while having great fun in the process.  Call 1-800-343-3470 X 244 to register by phone of
 click here to register online.

Want to become a licensed program?

See the description over to the right. Family child care business in your home?  Click here for more information and an application packet

Group child care business in your home?

Click here for more information and an application packet Center?

Click here for more information and an application packet

Have questions about becoming licensed call Child Care Resources at 1-800-343-3470

Great Start Orientation Minimize

State required training for providers who are receiving child care subsidies from Michigan Dept.  of Education (Dept. of Health and Human Services).

This class must be completed before providers can start getting paid for child care.  This is a one day 7 hour class that covers health, safety, and nutrition, along with CPR and First Aid.  Bring a lunch and something to drink to the class, as well as something to write with.  To register online 
click here,
and click on the fourth button titled "Educator and Provider Training"  or call 1-800-343-3470 X 244.  Preregistration is required.

How to register online. Minimize
Instructions for registering online: Go to the homepage and click on the Professional Development button on the right or go to Click on the "Professional Development" button on the far right  A map of the state will come up, choose your general area then a calendar of the current months trainings being offered with pop up.  Click on the title "GREAT START ORIENTATION" and follow the prompts You need a valid e-mail address to register online.
Start Up Class Minimize

Want to become a licensed provider? Want to know the what steps to take free of charge? 

Then come to a Start Up class located near you.  The class will also cover how to promote your child care program. There are two classes being offered in each county until September 2011.  Call your local technical assistant for details:

Eastern Region - Serving the counties of:  Calhoun, Barry, and Branch

Richadonna Frede 800-949-3470 X 235

Central Region - Serving the counties of:  Allegan, Kalamazoo, and Saint Joseph

Elia Garcia 800-343-3470 X 244

Western Region - Serving the counties of:  Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren

Sherry Williams 800-343-3470 X 228

Kalamazoo County 

Dawnielle Goodwin  800-343-3470 X 232

Great Business Resources!
Child Care Aware has sample budgets, finance resources, business
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